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Why choose bamboo fiber will become people's favorite home textile fabric?

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Why choose bamboo fiber will become people's favorite home textile fabric?

Bamboo fiber is a regenerated cellulose fiber made from widely produced bamboo and processed by a special high-tech process. As bamboo fiber is degradable, there is no pollution to the environment after degradation, so it is called environmental protection fiber. Bamboo fiber high strength, good elasticity, lard good abrasion resistance and suspension, bamboo fiber can effectively block ultraviolet radiation to the human body, will not produce any skin irritation and soft and smooth known as the preferred fabric for home textiles. Bamboo fiber is known as the most promising health fabric in the 21st century.


Advantages of bamboo fiber

  1. Antibacterial function: the original cultivated E. coli, staphylococcus and other harmful bacteria, put bacteria in cotton, wood fiber products can multiply, in bamboo fiber fabric cloth one hour, bacteria disappeared 48%, 24 hours later was killed 75%.

  2. Super health function: bamboo fiber in the concentration of negative ions up to 6000 / cubic centimeter, equivalent to the concentration of negative ions in the suburban fields, so that the human body feels fresh and comfortable.

  3. Moisture absorption and dehumidification function: The porous structure of bamboo fiber has good moisture absorption and dehumidification function, thus automatically adjusting the humidity balance of human body.

  4. Deodorization and adsorption function: the special ultra-fine micro-pore structure inside bamboo fiber makes it have strong adsorption ability, which can adsorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and ammonia in the air and eliminate bad odor.

  5. Heat storage and warmth function: bamboo fiber far-infrared emission rate of up to 0.87, heat storage and warmth is greatly superior to traditional fiber fabrics.

  6. Soft and comfortable function: bamboo fiber has a fine unit fineness, soft feel; good whiteness, bright color; toughness and wear resistance, a unique resilience; strong longitudinal and lateral strength, and stable uniformity, good drapability.


Disadvantages of bamboo fiber

Because of the herbal characteristics of bamboo, fiber extraction is a very complex process, much more difficult than the extraction of cotton fiber from cotton, in the process will give cause a certain amount of pollution, requiring manufacturers to have enough social responsibility, after the extraction of environmental protection measures to effectively protect the environment. Bamboo fiber products have a hard wound - fragile. Bamboo fiber fabric can not be wrung hard, otherwise it is easy to break. But in order to overcome this weakness, the general will take the bamboo fiber and cotton fiber blending method to improve the strength, the general bamboo, cotton ratio of 4:6.


Note: So if you buy what bamboo fiber home textile is not what the brand-name products, and also marked as 100% bamboo fiber, then you should be very careful may be the composition of the wrong, please promptly test to ensure your safety.

My opinion on bamboo fiber

It is bamboo fiber has the above advantages and disadvantages, so not all household products are good bamboo fiber, combined with my own experience, I think bamboo fiber products mainly in towels and socks, pillows really good, because bamboo fiber is more absorbent, soft and there is a certain antibacterial effect, so the bamboo fiber towels, pillows are more comfortable and a certain antibacterial anti-odor function. But because of the fragility and high water absorption characteristics of bamboo fiber, so not suitable for use in bathrobes, underwear and underwear, so the regular manufacturers of bamboo fiber products are basically using 70% cotton 30% bamboo fiber ratio of weaving. Some textiles on the market, especially in terms of clothing and pants, if marked 100% bamboo fiber, must pay attention to the 100% bamboo fiber wear on the body, accidentally a little force will break, you dare to wear this. In general, not all textiles are good bamboo fiber, bamboo fiber in towels, pillows are really good, but underwear, bathrobes, and children with textiles, or good with cotton.