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Which Pillow Is Better, Microfiber or Memory Foam?

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Which Pillow Is Better, Microfiber or Memory Foam?

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Which pillow is better, microfiber or memory foam? What to consider when buying a pillow. Advantages, disadvantages of microfiber and memory foam pillows. Click here to learn more.


Have you ever woken up with so much back and neck ache? Or have you ever had a perfect sleep and could not figure out how. When it comes to that perfect sleep, mostly the mattresses are usually given much attention and praise.

The mattress indeed is one of the largest and important bedroom investments that will guarantee a nice sleep. However, the pillow is equally important, and it adds to your sleep quality.

Knowing how to select a pillow is great and can help you get a good sleeping experience. The correct pillow height, firmness, and more will help you avoid sleeping in uncomfortable and unnatural positions.

This article is about the two most popular pillow fills, microfiber and memory foam. Here is more information about the pillow types that will help you select the right pillow.

Which Pillow Is Better, Microfiber or Memory Foam?

The sleep on fiber pillows is cooler than on memory foam, and it is because they do not retain much heat.

Unlike memory foam pillows, fiber pillows do not contour to your body, and it offers better support. If you sleep on your side, you will need a thicker and firmer pillow to support your neck.

What to Look For In a Pillow?

· The Fill Quality

The quality matters because of support, durability, and comfort. Here you have the option to select a high-quality pillow with great qualities that is within your budget range.

· Weight

The synthetic and down pillows are usually lightweight. Latex and memory foam are heavier. However, the weight of the pillow relies on personal preferences.

Lightweight pillows are a perfect choice for those who love to move with their pillows during sleep or reshape.

· The Chemistry

Knowing how your pillow was made will help you invest in a great product. It would be best if you considered things like chemical sensitivities and allergies when choosing a pillow.

Synthetic pillow materials include memory foam which is made from polyester. The manufacturing of these pillows involves a lot of chemical processes.

· Size and Shape

Most people do prefer the standard size pillow because it is comfortable. However, you can also find large or small pillows; it's best to choose one that keeps your sleep posture aligned.

The pillow size should allow your neck, head, shoulder, and spine to align while sleeping, and it also offers comfort. The pillows also come in various special shapes that offer extra support to your neck and head.

Microfiber Pillows Pros and Cons


Microfiber is a unique type of synthetic fiber; people love it for its incredibly small per-fiber diameter. The widths of microfibers are also much smaller than average cotton fiber.

The microfibers are made from different materials like nylon, polyester, etc. Therefore, this makes it easy to treat in different ways, and this gives the microfibers different characteristics which fit different purposes.

The most popular use of this fabric is in bedding, and it has a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages.

The Pros of Microfiber Pillows

· Lightweight

The microfiber fabric is quite thin; to some, this is a disadvantage. However, the thinness makes it light, and thus you can perfectly use it in different applications. For example, it is easier to transport and store if you love camping, star-gazing.

· Warm

The microfibers are from polyester, and polyester is known to have great insulating characteristics that keep warm air from circulating outwards. The microfiber pillows are excellent for cold weather.

· Durable

The microfiber fabric has great characteristics that make the pillow quite durable. The fabric is stretchy in nature and water repellant, making the pillow long-lasting and easy to maintain.

You can wash the pillows using the washing machine; however, it's good to use warm water since it thoroughly removes any stains or odors.

· Affordable

The microfiber fabric is made from synthetic fabric, and this makes it so affordable. However, being affordable doesn't mean poor or bad quality. The microfibers are among the silkiest and softest bedding materials.  

· Soft

The small microfibers diameter makes the pillow silky and soft. This characteristic makes the pillow your perfect winter choice; it will keep you warm and equally comfortable.

The Cons of Microfiber Pillows

· Flammable

The microfibers are made with polymers that are petrol-based and are among the most flammable fabric. The bad thing is that when the pillow burns, it produces toxic fumes, harming the environment.

Suppose you live in regions prone to wildfires like California; you need to avoid microfiber pillows or beddings. However, all textiles, natural or not, do burn.

· Not Eco-Friendly

Microfiber is synthetic, and thus their manufacturing process will make pollution. The material is made from petrol-based plastics

Memory Foam Pillows Pros and Cons


The pillows are tremendously popular these days. The pillows conform to your specific individual shape and respond to your body weight and heat.

The memory foam pillows have several qualities that make them perfect for those with neck and head pains.

The Pros of Memory Foam Pillows

· Durable and Affordable

When investing in any product, you need to select something durable. The memory foam pillows are denser than a normal pillow, and this makes them long-lasting.

Because of different and many manufacturers, memory foam pillows are becoming more affordable. However, they are still expensive than the traditional cotton and feather pillows. But the pillow comes with next-level coziness that you cannot find in regular pillows.

· Hygienic and Hypo-allergenic

The memory foam fabric is made from synthetic material, which prevents the growth of fungus, bacteria, etc. Therefore the memory foam pillows are a hygienic and safer choice for everyone.

The pillow is perfect for all those with allergies to natural pillow materials such as feathers. It will surely save you from the hustle of waking with allergies each day.  

· Accommodates Various Sleeping Styles

The memory foam pillows come in various sizes and shapes that meet specific individual sleeping preferences. You will surely find pillows that fit your sleeping style, be it you nap on your stomach, back, or side.

The memory foam pillows come from curved orthopedic to traditional rectangle pillows for back and side sleepers.

Relief from Pressure Points

The memory foam pillow offers relief to pressure points. It does this by perfectly distributing weight and contouring to your body. This is one of the biggest advantages of memory foam pillows.

The Cons of Memory Foam Pillows

· Inhibits Breathability

The memory foam usually retains a lot of heat, and this can be uncomfortable. The pillow tends to feel quite warm and sweaty. However, the high-end designs have special air chambers that allow proper air circulation. This keeps the pillows comfortable and fresh throughout the sleep period.

· Chemicals Smell

The unpleasant chemical smell is one of the common complaints from memory foam pillow users. The fabric is made from polyurethane and other chemicals that emit an unpleasant odor. But after some washes and use, the smell dissipates.  

Other Pillow Fillings

· Wool Pillows

The wool pillows have great properties, to begin with, and they are naturally hypo-allergenic, plus resistant to dust mites and mold.

The pillows also have the moisture-wicking property, and this helps to regulate your temperature as you sleep. Lastly, the pillows are durable, more so the alpaca wool.

· Latex Pillows

These pillows are more firm but very comfortable. The latex pillows do hold their shape and are resistant to dust mite and mold. The design of most latex pillows offers extra support to the neck and head. You can also use the pillow to restrict movement during sleep.


The pillows come in a mix of different materials and fill. You can select the king or standard size pillow and are either medium or low quality.

The pillow you use should be conducive to keeping your spine, head, and neck in alignment, making you comfortable. It's good to know how to select the right pillow for your needs. The article has all the important information that will help you make the perfect selection.


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