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What Is the Difference Between Bamboo and Cotton Bedding?

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What Is the Difference Between Bamboo and Cotton Bedding?

The market is full of different types of bedding, making it hard for people to choose the ideal option for their house. Lots of individuals tend to choose their sheets based on the way they look or how they feel to the touch. Unfortunately, this is not enough to discover the true quality of the material, and you may be disappointed not long after making your purchase.

Cotton and bamboo are two options you have when shopping for sheets. Bamboo is the newer addition to the market, and people love it thanks to its eco-friendliness, lightness, as well as durability. Cotton, on the other hand, is more widespread, and many users recommend it because of its durability and breathability.

So, which one should you pick? Our guide will present the differences between cotton and bamboo bedding so you can make the right choice.

What Is Bamboo Bedding?


Bamboo bedding is made from the fibers of the bamboo plant. Manufacturers process fibers in order to make threads and then weave them into the comfortable and durable sheets that so many people love.

Bamboo sheets come in three types. They can be sateen, percale or twill.

Sateen feels silky to the touch. To make this type of bamboo bedding, manufacturers weave it one thread under and then three to four threads over. What makes these sheets so great is their resistance to wrinkles.

Bedding manufacturers make twill through diagonal parallel ribs. Twill is not that smooth as the ribbing technique adds more texture. The benefit is that it’s durable.

Lastly, percale is the more breathable option, which may be ideal for hot sleepers. To make it, manufacturers use a pattern of one thread over and one thread under.

·       Pros

-        Can resist UV rays

-        Breathable material

-        Hypoallergenic

-        Durable

-        Quite eco-friendly

·       Cons

-        Can be quite expensive compared to cotton

-        Wrinkles more easily

What Is Cotton Bedding?


Cotton sheets are more commonly found in people’s homes as they are easy to find. After all, cotton is the natural fiber that is most widely produced. Individuals love cotton because it can result in very durable and soft bedding.

Two different types of cotton sheets are available on the market, respectively Pima and Egyptian cotton.

Pima cotton is soft to the touch, and with every wash, it tends to get even softer. The extra-long staples are the ones that give this softness. Pima cotton grows in Australia, Peru, and the southeastern part of the United States.

On the other hand, Egyptian cotton is a bit less soft than the Pima one, yet it still feels nice on the skin. Just like the other natural fiber type, it has extra-long staples that give its soft feel. People cultivate it along the Nile River Delta. When it comes to durability, Egyptian cotton may be a better choice.  

·       Pros

-        Breathable fabric

-        Easy to clean

-        Durable

-        Moisture-wicking

-        After washing it a few times, it gets softer

·       Cons

-        May shrink

-        Prone to wrinkles depending on the weave

-        Needs more water to grow

-        Its cultivation requires pesticides

Differences Between Bamboo and Cotton Sheets

It’s hard to see the difference between bamboo and cotton bedding, especially when you keep reading about how durable and soft both of them can be. You might think they’re similar, but the two perform differently in terms of sleeping sensation and durability – particularly when you’re taking the weave into account. The main differences seem to be related to their eco-friendliness.

Here is a more detailed comparison of the two:

·       Durability


In terms of resistance, cotton sheets have received a lot of praise over time. The material gets softer as you wash it, so cotton sheets will last several years.

Bamboo bedding is also durable, and some people even say that if you take care of it properly, it may last longer than cotton. What’s better is that it can maintain its bright colors for extended periods.

·       Price


You can expect different costs for the two bedding types. Cotton sheets can be found for lower prices, starting at less than $50. But if you want to invest in something more durable like Egyptian cotton, you may have to pay over $500.

Meanwhile, bamboo can be purchased for around $50, but rates can exceed $200 in some cases. In fact, bamboo may be pricier than cotton.

·       Feel and Comfort


People who use bamboo bedding reported that the fabric is extremely soft against the skin. Therefore, the smooth feeling may be a good option for individuals dealing with sensitive skin.

Cotton can also be soft, and what’s great is that it is hypoallergenic too. Furthermore, it doesn’t need as much dye for coloration. This way, it reduces the likelihood of skin irritation.

·       Maintenance


Manufacturers usually instruct owners to wash bamboo sheets in the washing machine and dry them afterward. For the most part, they can resist routine washing.

People can also machine wash and dry their cotton sheets as long as they follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Over time, they become softer.

·       The Eco-Friendly Factor

Cotton is more widespread, but those who cultivate it use a lot of pesticides, making it a very dirty crop. Therefore, it is not that environmentally friendly. Some of the substances can also be detrimental to human health.

This is why bamboo may be better for buyers who want to stay eco-friendly. Bamboo trees grow very fast, actually being some of the fastest-growing trees in the world. So, manufacturing the bedding is not that harmful to the environment as the sources are renewable. Thanks to less carbon footprint, the impact is not as severe on the planet.


Even though the differences between cotton and bamboo bedding are not too obvious, they may be enough for you to pick one of them instead of the other. Cotton sheets are cheaper, very soft, and easier to find, while those made of bamboo are eco-friendlier and more durable.

So, people who want something more budget-friendly and soft may go for cotton. Those who care about the environment and have sensitive skin could settle for bamboo sheets instead.

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