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Staroon ---Warm Children’s Little World

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Staroon ---Warm Children’s Little World

Teenagers are the future of the motherland and the hope of the world. But poor children need to traverse more potholes along the studying way than the regular kid. Perhaps, we are in pursuit of a higher spiritual standard of living, but they are worried about material life, in their minds the best life, is to eat and wear warm or have a warm bed quilt. Not the cold winter scene of themselves shivering in the thin, worn bedding.


We learned that this year's winter is colder than previous years, and Staroon Group is concerned about how the children in the poor mountainous areas will pull through this year's cold winter. In order to send the warm bedding to the children as soon as possible, on November 26th, 2021, Staroon Group staff went to Kaihua County Red Army Primary School in Kaihua County, Quzhou City, to carry out the warm winter donation activity.

The donation ceremony was held at Hongjun Primary School in Xiachuan Village, Changhong Township, Kaifa County, with the theme of "Winter Warmth and Love in the around ", which aims to help the children through this winter warmly, pay close attention to the children's physical and psychological health and development.


Hongjun Primary School is located far away in the mountain, affected by the harsh local geography and natural conditions, the children's parents have to go out to make a living, and 70 percent of the school are left-behind children, without parental companionship. And there are still many low-income families in the area. The school has 10 teachers and 56 students, 80% of whom live in the school. Staroon's unique super-soft bedding provides a warm and soft sleep for the students and teachers in the five-month snowy season and improves the students' sleeping environment.

After learning about the practical difficulties of the students through the school, they actively carried out the donation work, and for many years participated in public welfare activities of the love enterprises -Staroon immediately responded, and got the strong support of the leadership, in a short period of time to confirm the school was badly in need of materials and quickly prepared those things that would be donated to children.

Staroon contributed supplies to the teachers and students of Hongjun Primary School, including a full set of warm bedding, a full set of school bags, stationery and milk, and other materials worth more than 30,000, and the materials full of love were distributed to the children one by one.


The stuff of Staroon personally visited two families of students in difficulty in Beiyuan Village and brought the supplies full of love.


The donation is sincere and the care is priceless.

The students and parents who have been helped have said that they will not forget the warm support given by the caring people and the Staroon Group, and will certainly turn this warm flow of love into a driving force for hard work and hard work, and return it to the community with practical actions in the future. This love donation activities for students in need is not only material help but also spiritual encouragement, to the depths of the child's heart with care and warmth, for the child's young heart deeply planted the seeds of kindness and love, will be innumerable great achievements. Caring about children, giving back to the community, and doing our corporate responsibility. Staroon will continue growing with children.


Staroon is a social enterprise and a love-purpose-oriented brand.

Our vision is that every child can grow up in a full of love environment, and because of your purchases, we have helped many children so far.

We see children as the driving force behind our growth, and we will always keep our commitment to do our part in helping these children in need by spending a portion of our profits on our corporate and social responsibility.

In fact, people are the same as trees, the more rooted in the earth, the more its leaves will reach out to the sunlight, and the same goes for enterprises. 2021, Zongxiang will deliver love and warmth with humanistic care, practice social responsibility with a sense of corporate mission, follow with love and build dreams!


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