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Staroon Donates Epidemic Prevention Materials And Joins Hands With Shanghai To Win The Battle Against The Epidemic

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Staroon Donates Epidemic Prevention Materials And Joins Hands With Shanghai To Win The Battle Against The Epidemic

On the morning of May 1, 2022, a special cargo truck with the sticker " Shanghai Cheer" was loaded at the gate of Staroon, full of the love of Staroon Group, and set off from Tongxiang, to Shanghai Port at a fast speed. The truck is full of anti-epidemic materials, which will help Shanghai Port to prevail over the epidemic.

The recent epidemic situation in Shanghai is grim. As the location of the world ' s largest container port (Shanghai Port), Shanghai ' s container cargo operation is also directly affected.

Staroon is 100 km from Shanghai Port. Staroon has pay attention to the epidemic situation in Shanghai. Due to the lack of materials, port staff cannot work properly. A large number of ship blockage, caused a great impact on international trade logistics transportation. In order to restore the normal operation of Shanghai port as soon as possible, and help customers to trade successfully. Staroon did our own modest contribution to donate anti-epidemic materials to Shanghai ports to help it recover quickly. The company purchased 40 boxes of anti-epidemic materials, coordinated with the county traffic bureau and other departments to allocate transport vehicles and handle the passage procedures, so as to help Shanghai Port to win the war against the epidemic.

The boxes include protective clothing, face masks, goggles, disposable gloves, alcohol and other medical supplies, which meet the needs of more than 5000 port personnel for epidemic prevention supplies, and a beautiful card full of warmth and blessings is thoughtfully placed in each supply to cheer up the workers of Shanghai port in the epidemic. These efforts contributed to rapid recovery of international trade logistics transportation. Considering the speed of distribution after delivery, the workers sorted and packed the supplies overnight to ensure that they could be directly distributed when they arrived in Shanghai port, which was aimed at reducing the burden of Shanghai port. This rush of anti-epidemic supplies is Staroon's relay of love to help Shanghai Port overcome the epidemic and customers trade smoothly as soon as possible.


Anti-epidemic materials are ready for loading


Anti-epidemic materials are ready to go

Since its establishment, Staroon has always taken social responsibility as its original intention, and at the same time of development, it feeds the society through various ways and takes social responsibility. Over the years, Staroon has participated in many social welfare activities such as donation, helping poor mountainous areas, etc. We always pay attention to return to the society and care about public welfare.

Social responsibility is the origin, public welfare activities are the source of the company's development. The epidemic is ruthless, and it has struck Shanghai, as a company with sentiment, it is mindful of the people who need the most help under the epidemic, donating materials for the front line of the epidemic, giving back to the society with practical actions, and practicing the responsibility and commitment of the company.

Epidemic prevention and control copolymer force, love donation warm hearts, a box of love supplies, not only reflects the social responsibility of the Staroon Group to bear, but also highlights the international trade, freight transportation return to normal. Staroon has made macro and micro effort constantly to ensure the Stabilization of customer trade in various countries.

When everything recovers, the epidemic will be gone and the spring will come, and the dawn of victory is just around the corner.


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