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How Do I Pick The Right Pillow?

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How Do I Pick The Right Pillow?

Besides sleep, another essential part of your night is very good Pillows. Experts agree that pillows can either make or break your night, and the kind of pillow you use during a night's sleep determines the position of your spine while you sleep. The main job of a pillow is to support you while you sleep. How do you pick the right pillow? The best way to know if a pillow is doing a great job is to check the alignment of your head, your neck and your spine.

If you are not careful with the kind of pillow you choose, you may select a pillow that would hurt your sleep and put you in severe discomfort. This article will show you the factors to consider before deciding on a pillow to buy. Alright, with that said, let's jump in and get some good sleep.

Know Your Sleeping Position

Before you think about picking a perfect pillow, study your sleeping position. People take different positions when they sleep. Some People sleep with their back to the bed, some sleep with their side to the bed, while others sleep with their stomach. If you don't know the kind of sleeper you are, you may find it challenging to choose the best pillow that supports your sleep. The purpose of a pillow, no matter your sleeping position, is to keep your neck and your spine in a neutral position. This position would help prevent neck pain and other pressure that your spine may sustain from your sleeping position. Let's quickly look at the different kinds of sleeping positions and how it affects your choice of pillow.

Back sleeper


Back sleepers refer to people who sleep with their back to the bed. If you are a back sleeper, there is not much difference between the height of the back of your head and your back. It may mean that you need a pillow with a bit of loft. This kind of pillow would keep your head and back in alignment. Compared to a loftier pillow, it would also prevent your head from tilting forward against your chest. If you decide to sleep with no pillow at all, as a back sleeper, your head may sink a little backwards, causing an obstruction in your windpipe, which would result in irregular breathing and interrupted sleep. For a back sleeper, a

A medium loft pillow that holds your head, neck and spine in a straight position makes a perfect choice for you.

Side Sleeper


If you are a side sleeper, you sleep with your shoulder or side to the bed. You may have a bit different sleeping angle from the back sleeper. Your shoulder would rest at an angle that positions your head too far from the bed. This angle puts some pressure on your spine. When choosing a pillow as a side sleeper, go for pillows that are neither too small nor too big. Opt for a pillow with a medium loft that would fill in the angle difference between your shoulder and your neck. One of the best ways to decide is to have someone observe you in your sleeping position. Let them have a look at your spine. Make sure that your spine is perfectly straight.

Stomach Sleeper


Stomach sleepers take one of the most challenging sleeping positions of all. Some experts assume that sleeping with the stomach to the bed results mainly from an underlying breathing problem: a small airway. If you discover that you are a stomach sleeper, you should adjust and train yourself to switch to a new sleeping position.

Other Factors to Consider When Picking a Pillow

There are some other things you need to note when choosing a pillow. Here are some of them


You can't expressly declare one fill as better than others, and it would help if you tried as many options as possible till you find one that fits your need. However, you must know that the fill of your pillow would determine how long it would last before it compresses.

Pillow Collapse

Conduct brief research to know if the pillow collapses with time. If you choose a pillow that has a record of collapsing quickly, you may find yourself replacing your pillow rather too often. Ask about the materials used to make the pillow. A pillow made with quality materials would last longer than those with inferior materials.

Response to body heat

If the pillow you choose is made from materials that can't withstand body heat, it will collapse within a short time. Ensure you opt for pillows with materials that are heat resistant. However, do not choose pillows that would insulate your body excessively to give room for sweat during the night.


Experts recommend that a pillow be changed within 365 days or a maximum of 2 years. Ensure you pick pillows made with materials that would support your. Weight and body heat. These two factors determine the durability of your pillow.

Compatibility with your weight

The materials of the pillow should be compatible with your weight. You may end up with a compressed pillow if you pick pillows that can't support your body weight.

Pillow size

Check the pillow with your shoulder length. The pillow you choose should have an average height of your shoulder length if you are a side sleeper. This size would help elevate your head to put your neck and spine in a neutral position.

Does your mattress match your pillow choice?

The firmness or softness of your mattress also counts when you consider buying a pillow. If you are using a soft mattress, consider a firmer pillow because using a soft mattress on a soft mattress would distort the position of your spine. And using a firm pillow with a firm mattress may create discomfort for your spine. It is crucial to find the balance.


Cost should be the last factor you consider when choosing a pillow to buy. If you put cost first, you may end up with a pillow that would hurt your sleep rather than support you during your sleep. However, the pillow you choose should not be too costly.

Wrapping up

Sleep is vital, and good sleep helps maintain your mental health. Experts have shown that you can eliminate fatigue and several other stress-related issues with one good sleep. Choosing a pillow for your sleep should not be rocket science. But you need to avoid selecting a pillow that would put you in severe discomfort. An average adult sleeps for 6 - 8 hours per day. Imagine putting so much pressure on your spine or placing your neck at such an unappealing angle for Such a long time. When buying a pillow, always have someone check your spine to make sure it is straight and not at an angle. Now you know how to pick the pillow. There are several hundreds of pillows to choose from, and you know how to pick the one that works best for you. What's delaying you? Go ahead and select the perfect choice for your sleep and dreams.


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